my old friend.

Why, hello, my old friend.

It’s been a while since you’ve felt my touch, you know what I mean by touch.

I can say honestly, that I have missed you so much.

I expressed to you my heart,

I expressed to you my fears, you saw my tears.

It feels great to be back,

I’ll be honest, I have changed so much.

While some despise change, I have embraced it, and enjoy it

so much.

I have found love, I have found esteem, happiness, knowledge, power.

Although all has been great, I have learned that I need you.

My creative outlet, I need you.




I sit in my usual spot

At this more than familiar place

In the company of faces,

all so beautiful, all so mysterious, all so ordinary.

I sit in this seat

as my eyes start to swell up

with tears aged a million years.

Amongst all that i know,

amongst all that is old,

amongst all that is comfortable;

why do i feel as if i dont know

the face I see everyday when i look

in the mirror.


Staring into what seems like darkness

gives me comfort.

Being alone

with my thoughts,

with my imagination

brings me joy.

At that age where you’re frightened

that your thoughts….

become worries.

And your imagination….

doesn’t exist.

The trees are pink.

The sky is purple.

And the clouds can still be cotton candy

if you never let your imagination retire.

Life will go on.

You will succeed.

Your thoughts will always

be as vivid as you make them.


There’s a demon living inside everyone.  

Don’t let it consume you. 
Show it you are stronger. 
YOU will win every fight. 
Sure, we fall. 
We fail. 
We regret. 
It’s apart of life. 
But we get back up.
We succeed. 
We overcome. 
We adapt.
We are human, and there is nothing more beautiful. 
We are human, and there is nothing more powerful. 
We are human, and there is nothing more precious. 

no (rated R for profanity)

Why don’t people understand the word no?

It’s not rocket science. 

It’s not fucking algebra. 

It’s a two letter word that simply means NO. 

for fucks sake! 

It’s basic English! 

It’s one of the first words children learn!

Is everything okay? 





It’s been the best of times.

Its been the worst of times.

My eyes have become brighter,

My horizons have expanded wider,

my path, lighter.

My heart has been touched,

My hands a little rough,

My shell, more tough.

But my existence,

my existence,

means more now than ever before.

My soul,

my soul,

is as free as it’ll ever be.

And my dreams,

my dreams,

escaping the clouds.


                                           todays coffee!


The sound of rain falling on my window pane 

soothes me as I lay. 

I’m not sure what it is about the rain 

that makes me feel this way. 

I’m not blue, nor yellow. 

I’m right in between.

The rain cures my aching mind,

The thunder reminds me of my shame.

But when put together,

They relieve me of my pain. 

free spirit. 

My spirit was set free.

She could no longer handle the lock and key.

She drifted with the wind,

and smiled a smile that had never been seen before.

She went far, far away

to lands unheard of

and thought thoughts that could never be.

She returned with a sparkle in her eye,

and with more wonder than before.

For the best thing for her,

is to be free once more.

coffee and writing.

I sit alone in this coffee shop

exchanging glances with my cup.

Staring at this computer screen,

who knows me more than most.

It’s seen my tears; heard my cries.

It knows my secrets, realizes my lies.

I sit behind this machine

and wonder..

who’s more of a person?

It or me?

The moon & the sun. 

Do you wonder why the moon fell in love with the sun? 

So do I. 

Could it be her beauty? 

Perhaps her warmth?

Possibly the science behind her.

Or maybe, just maybe…the sun gave the moon something to exist for. 

Remember, where there is light, there must be darkness. 

Now isn’t that beautiful?